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Stake.com Slide – How to play Slide on Stake

Our Guide to Stake.com Slide

Stake.com SlideIf you like your casino games to be as simple and fun as possible, then this Stake.com Slide guide contains exactly what you need. Our experts are here to run you through this super-simple Stake.com original game.

We’ll take you through the basics of how the game works and go into detail about how best to play it. On top of that, we’ll provide you with our best tips and take a look at how crypto gambling works at Stake.com.

How to play Slide: The basics

Slide is one of many original Stake.com games, meaning that it is 100% exclusive to the site and won’t be found anywhere else. However, there are plenty of similar games elsewhere. What makes this game stand out, though, is the fact that it has been well-designed and caters to the crypto gambling market perfectly. Additionally, all Stake.com original games are known for being fair and having a fairly modest house edge, which benefits your gaming experience overall.

As we said at the top of this Stake.com Slide Guide, there are few games that come as simple as this. The slider starts off at a multiplier of x1.01 and could technically go as high as x1,000,000. Your job is to pick a multiplier to bet on before the slider starts. If the arrow lands on or above your select amount, then you win the amount stated in the multiplier. Essentially, you could think of it as a linear version of a spinning wheel that essentially has no end. Stake.com users who have played the game Dice will find a lot of similarities here.

Stake.com Slide Guide: Betting and multipliers

As we’ve already mentioned in our Stake.com Slide Guide, the payout on this game works with multipliers, which is the same for all Stake.com originals. The multiplier signifies the amount that needs to be multiplied by your stake in order to calculate your full payout. For example, if you win with a multiplier of 2.80 using a $10 stake, then your full payout would be $28.

As you bet on a certain multiplier amount, your bet won’t payout if the arrow on the slider lands on a multiplier that is less than that amount. As mentioned above, the minimum cashout amount is x1.01, while it could technically go as high as x1,000,000, though the chances of it doing so are virtually impossible. The higher the multiplier you choose, the lower your chances of winning will be.

Manual and automatic wagering

As is the case with all Stake.com original games, players have the choice between wagering manually before each round of Slider, or by predetermining their stake and wager conditions using the automatic mode. With manual mode, you simply have to insert the amount that you wish to bet and your target multiplier.

With automatic mode, you can preset your stake and multiplier and let it run for multiple rounds until you change it. Additionally, you can also set it to automatically stop playing after a certain number of bets or when you reach a certain amount of profits/losses. For both modes, you can double or half your stake at the click of a button. This is because the Martingale strategy is popular with such games, which we’ve explained for you further down in this Stake.com Slide guide.

Crypto wagering at Stake.com

Though you may already be aware, it’s worth mentioning that Stake.com is a cryptocurrency casino that does not support deposits or withdrawals with fiat currencies like CAD, USD or GBP. You will therefore need to buy one of the eight supported cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets in order to be able to play any of the games here. The limits are different for each game, but in the case of Slide, you have the following maximum limits:

  • 100 BTC
  • 500 ETH
  • 2000 LTC
  • 100000000 DOGE
  • 1000 BCH
  • 100 XRP
  • 100000000 TRX

In terms of the minimum limits, Stake.com accepts the lowest possible denominator for each currency. Although deposits and withdrawals in fiat currencies are not supported on the Stake.com platform, you can still display your wagers in USD when playing games. This is something that we recommend in our Stake.com Slide guide as it makes your profits and losses easier to track.

Stake.com Slide guide: Strategies

Even though Slide is among the simplest of all the Stake.com originals, there are still some strategies that can be deployed. The approach that you wish to take can largely be put down to what suits your individual tendencies. We’ve found that the most popular strategy tends to be the conservative approach, of selecting a fairly low multiplier each time with aim of building up bankroll slowly.

One thing to be aware of though, is that each round of Slide has a very fast turnaround, therefore small stakes are key to playing this game safely. Each round is over quickly and it can be easy to want to keep on playing again and again. Therefore, managing your time is key.

As we briefly mentioned earlier in our Stake.com Slide guide, the Martingal strategy is one that is commonly used by players when playing this game. For those unaware, the Martingale is an age-old casino gambling strategy that basically involves doubling up your bets when you lose and halving them when you win. The popularity of this strategy when playing slides has been recognised to the point that you can half or double your stake at the click of a button.

While it’s not the worst strategy in the world, it’s not one that we would highly recommend in this Stake.com Slide guide. While not a bad strategy, it is quite a short-term approach, and stats show that you’re most likely to break even, if anything, over time. Instead, we recommend a tactical conservative approach with the aim of building up your bankroll over a long period of time. Quick-fix approaches to casino games are never a really good idea.

The social aspect of our Stake.com Slide guide

One of the best things about all Stake.com original games is the social aspect of the games. When playing Slide, or any other Stake.com original, you can see all other users that are playing the game at the same time. Additionally, you can also see their betting activities, as well as their profits and losses.

This is a function that we recommend making use of, especially when it comes to your strategic approach. Youn can use this transparency to follow the players that are doing well and can then mimic their patterns of play to see if it works for you. Of course, it could be that they are just getting lucky, so if it doesn’t seem to be working for you, then stop.

Stake.com Slide guide: Conclusion

At the end of the day, Slide is probably one of the simplest games of all in terms of the Stake.com original collection. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun, as sometimes the simplest ones are the best, especially in terms of accessibility. We just recommend following the tips contained within this Stake.com Slide guide in order to keep yourself on track. While you’re here, why not check out more of the Stake.com game guides here at CryptoGamblr?

Stake.com Slide guide FAQ

❓ What is Slide at Stake.com?

Slide is a relatively new offering at Stake.com that is apparently thought to be quite simple to play. We wanted to see if this really is true though and therefore sent out a team of our crypto casino experts to find out. Follow the link for more.

🤔 Is Slide different from Hilo?

Hilo and Slide are both Stake.com original games, which of course means that they cannot be played anywhere else but this site. But are they distinctly different, or essentially two sides of the same coin? Discover the rules of each game here at CryptoGamblr.

💸 What are the bet limits for Stake Slide?

A full list of the minimum and bet limits for the game Slide at Stake.com can be found right here in our complete test and review of the game here at CryptoGamblr. We keep all of the information on our site up to date and have provided you with some tips for playing Slide.

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