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Our Guide to Crash CrashDo you like the thrill of testing your nerve and balancing risk vs reward? Then you’re going to love what’s in store in this Crash guide here at CryptoGamblr.

Throughout this handy article, we’ll run you through the game, how it’s played and how best to bet on it. Remember to take advantage of our amazing bonus codes CGCGLOPRO and GMBLR too! Additionally, we’ll also leave you with our top strategies for getting the most out of the game, and provide you with some crypto gambling tips while we’re at it.

About Crash – The basics

Crash is one of several original games that are exclusive to the platform. Although there are many similar games throughout the online casino world, this version is 100% unique to In terms of the rules of the game and how it is played, you probably won’t find a more straightforward casino game anywhere else. Despite its simplicity, it is an extremely fun game that can test your nerve and be quite addictive. If you’re a complete online casino newbie, then you’ve done the right thing by coming to our Crash guide, as this is probably the easiest game out of all the original titles. Crash guide – How to play

As we said above, the gameplay for Crash is extremely simple, and if you found our Poker guide too complex, you’ll still be fine with this game. You will see a small icon that moves across your screen, which is supposed to be representative of a rocket. At some point, the rocket will crash – hence the name. All that you have to do is cash out before the rocket crashes. If you cash out before the crash you win, if not you lose your stake and it’s on to the next round.

The longer the rocket flies, the more money you stand to win as the multiplier increases throughout its flight. The amount that you stand to win is easy to calculate as the rocket will display a multiplier throughout its flight. For example, if you cash out at 3.5 with a $10 bet, your returns would be $35 in total. The rocket starts off at x0 and it gradually increases, up to a maximum of x50.

As you can probably imagine, the chances of the rocket flying for that length of time are extremely rare. However, we have seen and heard of payouts in and around the x30 region. At the other end of the scale, a rocket that crashes immediately would have a cashout of around 1.17, which barely gives you anything on top of your original stake.

Betting on Crash: Manual vs automatic 

Now we’ve gotten to the area of our Crash guide that deals with the most important aspect of the game – the betting. As the title suggests, there are two different ways that you can play and bet on the game of Crash – manual and automatic. If you’ve ever played one of the other originals at Stake, or read our Slide guide, then you will already be familiar with both of these concepts.

With manual betting, you can insert your stake amount before every round and then it’s up to you to click the “buy” button when you want to cash out. With automatic, you preset the multiplier that you want to buy out at and it will stick at the same setting every time until you change it. For example, if you use automatic mode and set it to x2.5, you will lose every time that the rocket crashed before that amount and won’t be able to cash out if it exceeds it.

How does the wagering work at

Before writing this Crash guide, we were asked by quite a lot of our readers how the wagering works at this site, specifically in relation to this game. is exclusively a crypto casino, meaning that you can only make deposits in one of eight selected cryptocurrencies.

When playing Crash, the box where you input your stake will be set to BTC as standard, however for the purposes of the game, you can set it to USD (not CAD sadly) in order to make things easier to follow. However, deposits and withdrawals are still made entirely with crypto.

In terms of the limits, the minimum is just $0.01, which is good for a game like crash, where rounds only last for a few seconds. At the other end of the scale, you will also find that the maximum limits at tend to be much higher than those that you would find in fiat currency casinos. However, Crash is better as a small change game and doesn’t tend to be favoured by high rollers. We’ll explain more about why later in this Crash guide. Crash guide – What does the gameplay feel like?

So we’ve explained how Crash works in theory, which isn’t difficult at all to grasp. However, that doesn’t really give you a good idea of how the game actually feels to play. The best way to describe it would be as a simple but fun game that can be very moreish. Each round of Crash literally only lasts for a few seconds, so even if you are just playing for a minute, chances are you will still get through at least ten rounds.

The excitement of the game comes in the risk vs reward element that requires you to hold your nerve. Do you play it safe and cash out at a reasonably low amount every time to build your bankroll slowly, or do you risk it and wait for a longer flight and a larger multiplier? These are the two main trade-offs that you have to balance when playing a game of Crash. If you want another example of a game with a quick turnaround, take a look at the Wheel guide here at CryptoGamblr.

Our top tips and tricks for playing Crash

Now that we’ve explained the game as best we can, the next section of this Crash guide will run you through our top tips and tricks for playing the game. There’s not really any single strategy that we would point people towards when it comes to playing Crash, but the following advice should help you to have the best possible experience.

Bet with low stakes

As we said in the previous section of this Crash guide, this is a game with a very quick turnaround. That is to say, the rounds only last a matter of seconds, and you then only have five seconds in between rounds to opt-in for the next one. Lengthy winning and losing streaks are also both very possible.

This means that high stakes are not advisable when playing Crash. Our advice is to set aside a very small percentage of your total bankroll, and then use an even smaller percentage of that for each wager on Crash. You can then increase and decrease your wagers when playing as you see fit, depending on if you are winning or losing. Even when playing Crash using the minimum stake of $0.01, you can still have a lot of fun.

Manage your time

Each game of Crash might only last seconds, but as stated earlier in this Crash guide, that’s part of what can make the game very addictive. It’s therefore very easy to get carried away and/or lost in time when playing this game, which is why we recommend that you manage the amount of time that you play it. When you play the game in automatic mode, you can set the game to cash out and stop playing when you reach a certain amount of winnings or losses.

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Crash is an easy-to-follow, fun game that is suitable for casino players of all experience levels. If you like the simple thrill of testing your nerves and following your basic instinct then this game is definitely worth a try. Just remember the two golden rules – low stakes and time management. Crash guide FAQ

💥 Can you play Crash on

Crash is a popular game thanks to its simple nature that is still able to offer excitement. If you want to find out where you can play this game, then head on over to CryptoGamblr today.

❌ Is Crash rigged?

Players are often concerned about games being rigged, however, sometimes it’s just down to their own bad luck or a losing streak. We sent out our experts to review the fairness of the game Crash at Check out the results here today

🏆 Is there a way to win at Crash?

Winning at any casino game is largely down to luck, but can you boost the odds in your favour? See what the experts are saying at CryptoGamblr.

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