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When we think of all the advancements that have been made in the world of betting, one with a meteoric rise which is all too overlooked is esports gambling. For those of you not in the know, esports is competitive gaming at a professional level.

Some purists may turn their nose up but they are missing out, as this is an astonishingly varied and skilled sport, testing people’s reflexes and brain power as well as any traditional example. And it’s only getting bigger and better, to the extent that crypto gambling betting has a huge selection of esports betting sites for you to choose from. There’s so many, in fact, that you may want a little help navigating your way through the many excellent options.

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Comparing Esports Betting Sites

Who should make use of the comparison?

Well, the obvious answer to this is anyone who is interested in esports! If you’ve heard about them but weren’t sure how to get involved, there’s a huge amount of options available to you. Plus, a whole lot of it is live streamed, meaning that you can really get into the action.

We think you’ll be amazed by how compelling, competitive and nerve-shreddingly exciting a great esports contest can be.

If you’re interested in esports but are worried about things like security and anonymity – or live in a country with complicated betting laws – then rest assured that there are plenty of crypto gambling betting esports sites available, perfect for your needs.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

Esports may be the new kid on the block, relatively speaking, but there’s one thing that it has in common with any other sport, table game, slot, or anything else you can find when looking to bet online: that is the need to always stay safe. Utilising cryptocurrencies is, of course, a big part of this, but it’s far from the only one step you should take.

Review their reputation

Whatever kind of betting you’re interested in – whether it’s League of Legends or the Premier League – you can learn an awful lot about what to expect through the site’s reputation. How easy this is to come by can depend, especially with new sites, but it’s always a good idea to check out as much customer feedback as is available.

It’s also recommended that you see if there’s anything really notable in the site’s history, either good or bad. If they have been around for a long site without any serious negative incidents or accusations, and generally have satisfied customers, then you have an ideal situation. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you should disregard newer options which haven’t had the opportunity to really craft a reputation yet.

Ensure your data is protected

All the information you put out over the internet is something that could potentially be used to cause a security breach and, in the worst case scenario, financial harm. This is especially the case when it comes to betting sites, whether they be esports gambling or any other type, which naturally requires sensitive and financial information.

Now, utilising cryptocurrencies does go some way to help with this, security wise, because they are, by their nature, anonymous. However, that still doesn’t mean you want your data to be out in the open. With encryption, your data is kept safely away from internet baddies, so you can rest easy.

Details of an operator’s use of encryption can often be found on things like terms and conditions, but not always, and you can always check via customer service before assuming the worst.

Check for legitimacy

In other words, ensure that whoever you are betting with is operating above the law. If they’re not, you’re left with very little to do if they refuse to pay, for instance, as they aren’t accountable to any specific governing body. That is a situation you don’t want to end up in.

Luckily, pretty much all good esports betting sites should be wearing their licenses loud and proud, and these can generally be found at the bottom of the homepage. Do note though that there are some licenses which hold higher standards than others. For example, Malta and the UK are examples of highly regarded licenses.

If you’re unsure, a small amount of research should provide you with an idea of how that particular license is thought of in terms of quality. In any case, any license is better than none.

Look at the quality of the odds

Of course, when we’re talking about odds, we’re really discussing fairness. If you don’t know, operators utilise what is known as the overround. This is essentially a margin above 100% when you convert the odds of all possible outcomes. It’s the extra edge the bookmaker has which allows them to consistently make money in an uncertain business. If you ever wondered their secret, well, that’s it.

However, this in itself shouldn’t be considered unfair. It’s just the reality of the business model. There is a point though at which it becomes unfair, and it all depends on that margin. Something that’s important to note is that because esports gambling doesn’t have quite the same level of bookmaker competition, we often find the odds available are a touch more than sports like football.

With that said, you should still be looking at under 110% when all the odds are converted. We’d consider that a decent margin to consider the odds high quality.

Make sure they take responsible gambling seriously

Esports betting sites, just like video games in general, should all be about enjoying yourself. It’s a way to get lost in a competition and appreciate the sheer skills on display, and a way to win some extra cash if you bet wisely.

However, a small amount of people do have issues with gambling in a responsible way and can cause harm to themselves. Therefore, a good bookmaker has a duty to ensure they provide all the tools and advice needed to prevent that as much as possible. Not only is this important in itself, but it’s also a vital reflection on how they view and treat the people who have chosen them above all the competition to bet with.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator

When we talk about the best esports gambling operators, there’s really no definitive way of saying that one website stands head and shoulders above the rest. Even with something a bit more niche like esports betting sites, there are lots of different esports options out there, with some focusing on different areas.

Say, for instance, you had two operators of the exact same level of quality but which mainly provided markets on different games. You couldn’t reasonably say that one was better than another because they simply have different target audiences.

Of course, there’s plenty of other things to take into account, for instance, whether esports gambling is indeed your sole priority. You may be looking for something which is more of a jack-of-all-trades, which would mean an esports betting site – as in one which is exclusively focused on esports gambling – would not be suitable. Keep in mind that your preference is always a part of the equation.

This is how our experts test operators

Regardless of whether it’s esports gambling or any other kind, our experts perform a wide range of tests to ensure everything that gets a recommendation from us has been scrutinised to the highest possible level. This means we leave no stone unturned, so you can be assured we’ve done everything possible to provide only the best for our readers. With that in mind, here’s 10 examples of tests we perform

1. We check for license and encryption

We recommended in our security section that if you want to ensure you’re safe on esports betting sites, then you need to begin by ensuring the site is legitimate and that your data is safe. We do exactly that.

2. Follow this up with a look at reputation and history

Just as vital and another ideal beginning test is research into the reputation and history of the site in question. The more positive over a longer period of time, the better.

3. Ensure that the odds are all above board

Last on our list of security checks – and indeed, we do all those we’ve recommended you – is taking some betting markets and ensuring that the overround is reasonable. We also back this up with our reputation research for odds.

4. Check out the site design, both desktop and mobile

Few things can impact the feel of a site like its design. Partly, this is preferential: some like colourful, some like sleek and sophisticated, for instance. However, there’s a certain level of presentability we’ll expect, regardless of what style route they go down. We’ll also expect a well laid-out site, so everything is easy to use and find.

5. Look for any technical hiccups

In the fast-paced world of esports gambling, you really need a betting site that can keep speed. That’s why, alongside a general look at the site design, we also check out live streams and anything else we think could push the site to its limits to see exactly how it holds up.

6. Get an idea of the variety available

More choice on a betting site means a greater appeal to more people. Not only would we check out the esports gambling options but everything else too, because plenty of people like to mix and match their preferred sports and types of betting.

7. Check out the promotions

Esports gambling has gotten big enough that there are actually custom promotions available for this sport alone, and it can be utilised with others, especially welcome bonuses. So, for esports betting sites, we’ll be seeing what’s relevant for that target audience.

8. See if the terms and conditions makes them worthwhile

Of course, all the promotional variety in the world doesn’t mean diddly if it’s ruined by bad terms. So, we go over them in fine detail, picking up anything which may affect its usefulness, and seeing whether it really is worth the customer’s while.

9. Examine the banking options

Whether it’s esports betting sites or even something like a crypto gambling betting exchange, every betting site worth its salt needs to be reliable when it comes to banking. This means good transaction times, no unfair fees and, of course, a good variety of banking options to begin with.

10. Contact customer service

One thing we make a point to address is customer service, not just by seeing what’s available but by trying them out for ourselves. Things in particular we look out for are speed, friendliness, the quality of the advice and whether they assured our issue was dealt with before completing the conversation.

Finding the right operator for you

We’ve talked about how we can’t say there’s one clear choice that stands above all the esports betting sites options, and that it comes down to target audiences and different focuses. Well, from your perspective, you have to think of it coming down to your own personal preferences.

Ask yourself what you really want from an esports betting site, which games you’re interested in, if you want any other forms of betting on that site and if so what, how important social elements are to you, whether you want to play on mobile and so on. We can’t tell you what you’re looking for, but we can point you in the direction of some great places to check out and discover the esports gambling experience that’s perfect for you as an individual.


The rise of esports betting only looks to be going in one direction and that is further up. This means there’s going to be more choice across the board. More competition means higher quality and better odds. There’ll also be more options in terms of betting sites and undoubtedly, the games involved too, not to mention the betting markets. The only downside to this is an abundance of choice if you don’t know where to start looking.

We hope that by utilising our recommendations, you can truly see what a great experience esports gambling can offer without having to wade through a selection of poor options. Esports are something to be excited about: a new way to play with the potential to go in directions we’ve never seen. And with quality platforms, they can do just that.

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