Mega Fortune Free Spins – Guide of MegaFortune Free SpinsNetEnt

Last Updated on 09/08/2022
Slot Info
Slot Type:Video
Winning Line:25
Min. Coins per Line:1
Max. Coins per Line:4
Play Now
In 3D:no
In Virtual Reality:no
Bonus Game:yes
Free Spins:yes
Multiplier Symbols:yes
Progressive Jackpot:yes
Multiplier Wilds:yes
Scattered Multipliers:yes

If you want to explore some Mega Fortune free spins, there’s no better place to be than right here! Because we don’t just explain how to play Mega Fortune slot games, we also bring you the top deposit bonus offers!

With three progressive jackpots at stake, playing Mega Fortune has the potential to deliver some big cash payouts. And thanks to our insightful Mega Fortune deposit bonus information, you could power up some winning spins without impacting negatively on your bankroll. Want to know more? Then keep right on reading!

Why play Mega Fortune games?

It’s not just the mega jackpot prizes that keep players coming back to try their luck on the Mega Fortune slot – although they’re certainly an important factor! But it’s the potential for plenty of low value wins that makes this game a particularly attractive proposition for just about every type of slots fan. You don’t even have to have played a single online slot before to enjoy the gameplay, and with some potential free spins winnings to look forward to, newbies could even find themselves benefiting from beginner’s luck!

Mega Fortune slot theme

The Mega Fortune slot machine is all about luxury, with diamond-encrusted jewellery in the form of rings, watches and an ostentatious dollar sign brooch. After all, if you’ve got it, why wouldn’t you want to flaunt it? The theme is reinforced by a background scene of a tropical beach, complete with palm trees and luxury yacht moored up close by. A fine brandy and cigar, along with a white stretch limo make up the remainder of the main game symbols.

Mega Fortune bonus symbols

There are three specific symbols on the reels of the Mega Fortune slots game that deserve a special mention, as they’re responsible for the Mega Fortune bonus features:

Speedboat Wilds

A super-fast speedboat serves as the game’s Wild symbol, helping to create winning combinations that come with cash prizes attached. It can substitute for all other game symbols, except for the Bonus and the Scatter. These Wilds also feature on the paytable in their own right, with five-of-a-kind speedboats across a payline rewarding you with a payout worth 10,000x your stake.

Champagne Scatters

A bottle of champagne accompanied by two glasses represents the Mega Fortune Scatter, and it’s one of the bonus symbols you need to watch out for. Just two Scatters, anywhere on the reels, will reward you with a payout worth 2x your stake. But it’s when you land three or more Scatters that the game gets particularly interesting, as that triggers the Mega Fortunes free spins bonus round

Pick one of the Scatters to reveal how many free spins you’ve won, and what your multiplier will be. With the help of the maximum 5x multiplier, your free spins winnings could be considerable – although nothing is guaranteed when you’re playing an online slot, so keep a watchful eye on your bankroll. If your Mega Fortune slot spinning session is powered by a free spins bonus, you can afford to chance your luck a little more than usual.

Gold Bonus icon

The gold bonus symbols don’t feature on the paytable, but they could generate some of the biggest rewards in the game. You’ll have to match up at least three of these bonus symbols, from left to right on adjacent reels, to activate the bonus feature, but it’s well worth doing!

Mega Fortune Jackpots bonus game

This triggers the bonus Mega Jackpot game, which gives you a chance at spinning up one of the three progressive jackpots – the Mega Jackpot, the Major Jackpot and the Rapid Jackpot.

  • Rapid Jackpot seeds at 50 coins, plus 10% of the proceeds set aside from the previous jackpot
  • Major Jackpot seeds at 50,000 coins, plus 10% of the proceeds set aside from the previous jackpot
  • Mega Jackpot seeds at 8% of the contributions set aside from the previous jackpot

Reaching the bonus game won’t guarantee you a Mega Fortune Jackpot slot payout. First, you’ll need to spin up the Jackpot Wheel and progress through the levels to reach one of the ultimate cash prizes. That’s not as easy as it sounds, which is why exploring a few Mega Fortune demo slot games is the best way forward for anyone who hasn’t played this slot before.

Our top rated online casinos

How to win at Mega Fortune slot games

The first thing you need to know, is that although we can direct you straight to all the best Bitcoin slots sites, most of which allow you to play Mega Fortune and other popular NetEnt slots games, we can’t give you any definitive information that guarantees a winning spin. Nobody can do that, so ignore anyone who claims otherwise. Random number generators ensure that every spin will always give a completely random outcome. In theory, that makes it possible to win a Mega Jackpot prize, and then land another jackpot payout with the very next spin.

We can’t give you a blueprint for guaranteed winning spins on the reels of Mega Fortune, but we can certainly help to enhance your enjoyment of the game, and hopefully keep your losses to a minimum too. From making the most of free spins and deposit bonus spins to claiming match deposit bonus offers that maximise your bankroll, we’ve got some useful tips to help you tip the balance in your favour.

Play Mega Fortune demo games

In our opinion, there’s no matter way of finding out all about an online slot machine game than to try it out, extensively and for free, in demo mode. Most operators give you this option, so that you can decide for yourself whether or not a game is worth spending your own dollars on.

Spin the reels with absolutely no financial risk whatsoever, and see how long it takes to trigger the free spins bonus rounds. Although you’ll be able to spin up the bonus wheel during demo games, the Jackpot prizes won’t be activated, so you won’t be able to walk away with any real cash prizes, unfortunately.

Make the most of Mega Fortune bonus offers

If you know where to look, you can play Mega Fortune slot games using free spins, deposit bonus offers and ongoing casino promotions. And you don’t necessarily have to make a real-money deposit first either – we can show you how it’s actually possible to win real cash prizes with no financial outlay. Careful use of bonus spins and deposit bonus offers can stretch even the most modest of bankrolls further than you ever thought possible, and we’re here to explain how!

Here’s how to claim your Mega Fortune bonus spins

Sign up to any online operator on our list of recommended sites, and you can be sure of benefitting from a generous bonus offer. From online casinos to esports gambling operators, a welcome bonus offer offers perfect encouragement to tempt in new members. You’ll get to explore some free games, perhaps claim some Mega Fortune slot bonus spins and stretch the staying power of your bankroll further than you might have believed possible. These are just some of the offers you can expect to find on these pages:

No deposit bonuses

The Holy Grail of the online casino player, no deposit bonuses give you money to explore games with, before having to deposit any of your own funds into your new player account. The casino is literally giving away free money with a no deposit bonus – although you can’t just withdraw it and run! Rather than giving you cold, hard cash to play with, casinos offer their no deposit awards in the form of bonus cash or site credits.

Your no deposit bonus won’t have any actual value in the real world, but at your chosen online casino it behaves just like real money. There will almost certainly be wagering requirements attached to the bonus, meaning you’ll have to play it through at least once before the winnings become withdrawable. We explain the bonus terms and conditions for every offer, but we recommend you double check for yourself too, before using your casino no deposit bonus.

Deposit match bonuses

As the name suggests, with a deposit match bonus the operator effectively doubles your initial deposit into your brand new player account. You can be sure that there will be some stringent bonus terms and conditions attached to these offers, so we strongly recommend you read through them in their entirety before signing up. Yes, we realize it’s a tedious chore to wade through the fine print, but since all deposit match bonus offers become void if used incorrectly, it’s time well spent in the long run!

Free spins and bonus spins

You can usually keep any free spins winnings without having to play them through multiple times, making free spins a particularly good option for slots fans. This type of promotion is awarded as bonus spins that can be used any of the slot games across the operator’s site, or may only be valid on certain games. You’ll need to check through the bonus terms to make sure you can play Mega Fortune using your free spins bonus. If in doubt, reach out to customer support for clarification.

Risk-free bets

Risk-free first bets are a favourite of sports betting operators, offering their newest members a second chance if their first wager doesn’t result in a win. But online casinos make use of them too, usually in the form of a risk-free wagering period, such as returning all your losses accumulated over your first 24 hours of wagering.

As with most bonus offers, your stake will be repaid to you in the form of bonus credits or bonus spins. And once again, it’s down to you to make sure you can use those bonus spins to play Mega Fortune. You’ll also need to make sure you understand the wagering requirements too – they usually come in at 1x for playing online slots, but double check before you start playing.

How to get the most from your Mega Fortune free spins

As we’ve already explained, we can’t offer any strategies to give you guaranteed wins when you play  Mega Fortune, but there’s plenty of ways in which we can help your gambling funds go further. We’ve given you some insights into the types of welcome bonus offers that online casinos tend to offer, but you can build on that advice to give yourself a whole lot of extra bang for your buck! These tips and tricks could just help you maximise your winning opportunities.

Mix and match your Mega Fortune free spins bonus offers

Some promotions combine two offers at once, for double the benefits. So in addition to receiving free spins, you’ll also receive a deposit match worth up to 1.5 BTC. Pick an online casino offering Mega Fortune bonus spins, in addition to an initial deposit bonus match, and you’ll be giving yourself plenty of extra chances to spin up the reels and try to claim one of those Mega Jackpot payouts!

Deposit your full bankroll to gain maximum rewards

Bonus spins for promotional offers are usually fixed, but you can increase your bonus award for deposit match bonuses by claiming as much as possible. Deposit match bonuses can be as low as 20% of your first deposit, or can be 110% or more, depending on the individual operator. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency casinos tend to give out deposit match bonuses that are greater than the sum of your deposit, so they’re definitely worth exploring!

That’s not to suggest that you should go into debt to trigger a bonus payout, or leave yourself short for other expenses. Remember that playing Mega Fortune, or any other casino game, is meant to be fun, first and foremost. By all means, deposit the maximum permitted sum to trigger the top deposit bonus payout, but never at the expense of your general expenditure.

Use our comparison guides to claim the best Mega Fortune free spins offer

When you sign up to an online casino and claim some Mega Fortune bonus spins, you need to know that you can expect a safe and fair reel spinning session, with easy access to your free spin winnings. We’ll explain how we review operators a little further down the page, but for now, what you need to know is that our operator reviews are the most comprehensive that you’ll find anywhere.

We’ve carefully sifted through all the current cryptocurrency casinos, picking out the best betting bonuses that are available right now. We make it as easy as possible for you to pick out the bonus promotions that will give you the best chances for claiming Mega Fortune free spins.

Claim multiple Mega Fortune bonus spins

Did we mention how many cryptocurrency casinos are out there, just waiting to sign up new members and show off their collections of games? We’ve already put in the legwork and picked out the ones that you can safely sign up to, but why limit yourself to just one? Divide up your bankroll between two or more crypto casinos, and you could claim no deposit bonuses, match deposit bonuses and more Mega Fortune bonus spins than you could dream of!

Once again though, remember to only ever bet within your means. The point of claiming multiple welcome bonus offers is to give you even more deposit bonus spins for your available bankroll. Don’t ever be tempted to spend more than you can afford, simply to trigger some additional free spins.

Always check the T&Cs

Although we go to great lengths to ensure we keep our information up to date and relevant, even we sometimes get caught by surprise. That’s because operators are free to alter any aspect of their promotional offers whenever they choose. And with no obligation to make a public announcement about it, it’s quite possible for a specific promotion to vanish overnight, to be replaced by something new.

Always double check before signing up to an operator, to make sure the offer is exactly what you’re expecting. Make sure you understand any wagering requirements, deposit limits or timescales attached to the bonus.. If there’s anything at all you’re not sure about, reach out to the customer support team, who will be happy to help you.

This is how we pick out the best Mega Fortune free spins casinos

Our experts are forever scouring the internet in search of new cryptocurrency gambling opportunities. But we don’t accept any site on face value – in fact, far from it! We undertake some extremely rigorous checks to make sure we only recommend the safest and most reputable operators.

We undertake a whole raft of checks, but we consider these ones to be the most important. It all adds up to a broad selection of crypto casinos that you can safely sign up and deposit funds without worrying that it might be a scam operation.

Licenses and security protocols

Before we can recommend a casino where you can safely play Mega Fortune, our first check is to determine what licenses the operator holds, and which regulators issued them. Every reputable online casino is issued with a license, and it’s illegal to operate without one. But unfortunately, not all online casinos have earned their licenses fairly, as a few unscrupulous regulators will sell them for an inflated fee.

Rest assured that we know exactly which licensing bodies are the ones to look out for. Every operator that features on our site has a valid license from a reputable source, so you can be certain that they abide by a strict code of conduct.

Financial and data security

Having a valid and up to date license to operate is one thing, but data encryption is another security aspect we investigate thoroughly. Using cryptocurrencies to fuel your online Mega Fortune reel-spinning session offers a high degree of anonymity, so why would you want to put your personal data at risk? We look for SSL encryption at the highest level, and if an operator can’t prove it has effective security measures in place, our review ends right there – and the operator won’t appear on our site.

We also expect all client funds to be held in a safe and secure account. A reputable online casino operator would never mix client funds with its own accounts, so we expect to see them separated as a matter of course.

Website design, navigation and user experience

We could track down the perfect online casino where you could enjoy playing bonus spins on Mega Fortune using a generous bonus – but if the website design or navigation isn’t on point, we won’t be putting it forward on our list of recommended sites. We expect casino players to be able to find their way around an operator’s site easily and intuitively.

An online casino that fails to load properly, that repeatedly crashes or that fails to include intuitive navigation simply won’t make the grade. We appreciate that some online casino players will be complete newbies, and won’t have tried to find their way around an online casino before, so we expect the operators to make it as easy as possible.

Naturally, when it comes to overall site design, we realise that every slots fan has a different idea of what’s important. So we do our best to convey the look and feel of each operator during the course of our review. Nothing beats checking it out for real though, so pay each casino on your shortlist a visit, to see which ones you like the most.

Deposit and withdrawal options

You’ve landed on this page because you want to play Mega Fortune using bonus spins at a safe and reputable cryptocurrency casino. And whether you’re looking for deposit options in a range of altcoins, or your heart is set on finding some fast payout casinos, we’re on hand to help you.

But you might decide that you’d rather deposit and withdraw funds in another currency altogether further down the line. So we explain all your payment options, as well as likely processing times and details of any additional fees that you can expect.

Promotional offers and loyalty rewards

Who doesn’t love a freebie, especially when you can use it to power some Mega Fortune free spins? We examine every crypto casino, to check out any ongoing rewards and promotions, letting you know what to expect.

We’ve got the full details of some incredible Ethereum, Dogecoin and Bitcoin casino bonus codes to bring the cost of your gaming session down when you play Mega Fortune. Make full use of them to benefit from playing Mega Fortune whenever you like, and hopefully amass some winnings during the course of your spinning session.

Conclusion: could you be a Mega Jackpot winner?

Now you’ve read all about the Mega Fortune bonus features to look forward to, you’ll be wanting to track down your perfect casino. And it all starts with our operator comparisons, allowing you to pick and choose the sites that are likely to give you the best experience when playing Mega Fortune slot games.

With a bit of luck, your bonus spins on the Mega Fortune slot will spin up one of the those tempting progressive jackpots. But even if you don’t achieve a Mega Jackpot payout, a good time is guaranteed when you follow our advice and gamble safely at a reputable online casino.

There’s more to discover on our site than simply how to access Mega Fortune free spins, fun though they are. We’ve got details of all the top cryptocurrency wagering sites, as well as some useful guides and tools to enhance every gambling session. Whether it’s browsing our BitStarz Casino review, or explaining how to play Blackjack, we’ve got all the information you need for a safe and fun online casino experience.

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Mega Fortune Free Spins FAQ

🎰 Can I play Mega Fortune slot games using Bitcoin?

Playing online slots using cryptocurrency is easy, but it’s not nearly so easy to pick out the reputable operators. Our experts have chosen their selection of tried and tested cryptocurrency casinos offering Mega Fortune free spins to help your bankroll go further. Come and see!

💰 Can I claim a Mega Fortune bonus at a cryptocurrency casino?

It’s wise to be cautious when signing up to a crypto casino, as the use of altcoins is completely unregulated. Help yourself stay safe by choosing a safe and reputable operator from our list. Use our operator comparisons and bonus guides to pick out your perfect Mega Fortune free spins bonus, and start as you mean to go on!

❓ How can I win using Mega Fortune free spins?

If you’re looking for advice on playing Mega Fortune, you need to come and check this out! We’ve got all the information you need for a fun and safe online gambling experience, complete with useful betting tips. From helping you track down Mega Fortune free spins to refining your Bitcoin Poker strategy, we’ve got absolutely everything you need to know, right here!

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