Best Bitcoin Casinos In Canada 2022 with Top No Deposit Bonuses

Due to the rather unusual legal situation in Canada, it’s not permitted for online casinos to operate inside the country. However, players from Canada can gamble online, so long as it’s with an offshore operator.

There’s perhaps no better market then for players to enjoy crypto gambling, with bitcoin in Canada being the most popular cryptocurrency, as it is for much of the rest of the world. Do note that for this reason, when we talk about a bitcoin casino Canada, we’re referring to casinos available to Canadian players rather than located in the country itself.

In essence, the prospect of a bitcoin casino Canada opens up an entire world of online betting opportunities. However, because there’s such an astonishing wealth of options, this creates a problem – even if it’s a rather pleasant problem to have. With so many great options, how do you find the best bitcoin casino Canada for you? Well, that’s exactly why we’re here to help.

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Comparing the Best Bitcoin Casinos CA

Who should make use of the comparison?

It’s perfectly legal for Canadian players to join betting sites operating outside the country. That means there’s plenty of options for you regardless of payment method. So, why exactly would you choose bitcoin?

Well, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, offering levels of security and anonymity far beyond that of a traditional payment method. With that in mind, you may be wondering why then you should look for a best bitcoin casino Canada: why not another type of crypto gambling casino site?

While others do have their own advantages – some may prefer them for fast payouts, for instance – the bottom line is none of them can provide the sheer variety that bitcoin offers. There’s more online casinos, meaning more casino games like slot games and more choice in general. And because there’s so much to choose from, you really can set your expectation sky high when looking for the best bitcoin casino Canada.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

Whether it’s a bitcoin casino Canada, or any other kind of betting site, there’s nothing more important than security. It’s one of bitcoin’s greatest selling points. But that doesn’t mean that just because you’re utilising bitcoin, you don’t need to take other precautions when it comes to security and fairness.

That’s why whenever we begin reviewing an operator, this is clearly the place to start. With that in mind, here’s our top 5 tips for a secure and fair gambling experience.

Check out the reputation and history

One thing that’s always really important to remember is that one person’s experience may not be reflective of everybody’s. However, our experts can’t simply summon tens of thousands of people to report back to them. So, the next best thing is to see what people are saying about the site, whether it has a good reputation and also whether there’s anything notable about its history which may lead us to be concerned.

Put it this way, a site having some complaints across hundreds of thousands of customers – assuming the claims aren’t extremely serious – is pretty much common for any business. If, however, negativity is the consensus amongst customers, that’s something we take seriously when looking for the best bitcoin casino Canada. This is especially the case when it comes to banking, as we want to be sure that from crypto wallets to betting sites and back, everything is as it should be.

Look for a license

When we talk about a bitcoin casino Canada, we’re actually referring to sites outside the country that are available to Canadian players. And there’s an awful lot if you decide to go with bitcoin. This means you need to know which licenses to look for, as not all of them are equal, to ensure the operator is legitimate and accountable. This is an absolute bare minimum standard to be considered for our recommendation.

Ensure they use encryption

People hear encryption and often worry it’s complicated. Put simply though, encryption is technology which ensures that your data – and keep in mind, even with a bitcoin casino Canada, there’s still plenty of sensitive information involved – is kept safe from online criminals.

While the technology involved is complex, your understanding of it doesn’t need to be. Encryption can often be found as part of the terms and conditions. Speaking of which…

Read the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are essentially where you’ll find a detailed explanation of the policy of any casino sites. This means it’s an obvious early candidate for first place to look when choosing those worthy of best bitcoin casino Canada.

You can check out the details of promotions, from free spins to a bitcoin casino no deposit bonus 2022 Canada, alongside things like privacy policy and everything in between. A clear and open set of terms and conditions is always a great sign.

Look for independent verification

There are a few ways of checking whether a bitcoin casino Canada has games that are up to scratch. But there’s no more effective method than simply seeing if they’ve been independently verified.

This is where a third-party company conducts tests to ensure all the games on the site are provably random and fair, giving users a reasonable chance of winning. Online casinos generally like to advertise this, so we, nor you, should have too much trouble finding it.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator

One thing we want to make clear is that when we’re looking for recommendations for the best bitcoin casino Canada, our standards are every bit as high as if we’re looking at any operator. People often hear terminology like crypto mining and crypto trading and think that signing up will be difficult and such complexities will lead them to settle for less. This is absolutely not the case.

There’s an absolute mammoth selection of world class choices for a bitcoin casino in Canada. That means that from a tempting Canada bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, to great customer service, you can expect nothing but the best from our recommendations.

Also, some people have asked us why we offer multiple recommendations. Well, that’s simply because there’s not one casino that we can consider definitively better than the rest. Some casinos are better than others, for sure, but great casinos often provide different things and have different target audiences. So, which is better in that instance is a matter of preference. Instead, we view our recommendations as a benchmark of quality, so you can find the right one for you.

This is how our experts test operators

We’ve talked a lot about how we pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to ensuring our recommendations are backed up by the most comprehensive insights possible. But how exactly do we begin looking for a candidate for the best bitcoin casino in Canada? Well, here’s a list of the checks we make.

1. Security checks

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the first thing we need to check when looking at a bitcoin casino in Canada is that the site is fair and secure. We went through these checks in an earlier section, but we’ve put them here again in order to reiterate that if a site is not safe and secure, we do not consider it worth our recommendation – and you shouldn’t consider it worth your time.

2. Look for banking options

Of course, when looking for a bitcoin casino in Canada, we need to check that they actually have bitcoin in the first place! Often this will be really obvious and some casinos even have bitcoin in their name. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to check out their banking section regardless to get informed about that side of the casino.

3. Check out the game variety

We mentioned in our security checks that we already ensure that games are fair and random, which means we can actually look at what’s on offer without that concern. More is better, as long as the quality is there, as it means that more people can enjoy the experience they want from the site.

4. Play the games!

No matter how deeply we analyse a site, there can be no substitute when looking for the best bitcoin casino in Canada, or any operator for that matter, than actually trying out the site yourself. That begins with the games, which we do our best to approach just like any user would to get the legitimate experience.

5. Analyse the site design

There are three key parts of site design for us to check out. Firstly, we check the site is presentable and aesthetically pleasing. While we can’t say what style people will like, it should reach a certain standard. Secondly, we see if the site is well structured and everything we need is easy to find

6. Check for technical limitations

Next up, we need to check for technical limitations. This may sound complicated but the way it works is actually very simple. We just spend time with the site doing whatever we think will push the site most to the limit, with the obvious test here being the live casino if there is one. We’ll be on the lookout for lag, slowdown, poor responses and any other technical hiccups we can note.

7. Examine the Help section

There’s few things as important as customer service but this actually begins before the live chat or the phone line. The Help section is there to try and explain things without the need to contact anyone as much as possible, so we see how well this is written, set out and how many of our questions we can find answers to.

8. Contact customer service

Of course, no matter the quality of the Help section, there will always be the need to have helpful customer service. Obviously, the first thing we do here is see what options are available, with the gold standard being around the clock live chat service. After that, we try them out for ourselves to see what the experience is like.

9. Check out mobile options

More and more important nowadays are the mobile options. We test these out just like everything else on this list to ensure it’s up to standard. This is also a great technical test

10. See what promotions are available

Last but not least in our search for the best bitcoin casino in Canada, we have the bonuses. We’ll be checking out everything from free spins to welcome bonuses, sometimes at the same time. The key here is the terms and conditions which are the key to uncovering a promotion’s quality and value.

Finding the right operator for you

With all these tests, it’s important to never lose sight of the fact that the best bitcoin casino in Canada for you is a personal thing. Our tests are always intended to be benchmarks so you can expect a certain standard when trying to find what’s right for you.

To do that, you should have a good think about what it is you’re looking for from the site. Remember that the best bitcoin casino in Canada for someone else might not be the best possible choice for you, your needs and preferences.

Things to consider include the kind of games you enjoy the most, as although variety is a good thing, you’ll want to ensure they cater to your preferences. There’s also how you’re going to be accessing the site. For instance, a site may be focused on mobile players, while you prefer to use a desktop. There’s also the aesthetic to take into account – whether or not a site’s look works for you, as well as the type of player pool for games like poker.

Really consider your priorities here and apply them in order to ensure you’re making the best choice.


We don’t know if you’re someone who is only just getting to grips with the benefits of bitcoin or if you already regularly use the cryptocurrency. If you’re the former, we really hope this has shown you that not only is bitcoin a more secure option, but it’s also one that provides more variety, options and simply more chances to find the perfect option for you.

We hope whoever is reading this, if they didn’t before, that they now understand you can expect the absolute pinnacle of quality from bitcoin betting sites. Finally, we hope our guide and our recommendations can provide the perfect jumping off point for what we hope will be a long and enjoyable online betting partnership.

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