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There’s a lot of people who are interested in bitcoin and online casinos but haven’t yet pulled the trigger. We can understand why: even though bitcoin has been around for a while, people are still apprehensive to try new things, even if it makes perfect sense for them from a privacy, security and logistical perspective.

Well, here we’re going to break down exactly how you could benefit from signing up to a bitcoin casino, how to ensure that you’re getting the safest and most fun experience, and how we go about recommending only the absolute best bitcoin casino sites. With our guidance you can ensure that, whatever you choose, you’re getting nothing but the absolute finest in terms of quality and trustworthiness.

Whether you’re just considering joining a bitcoin casino, or even if you are ready to go and are just in the process of narrowing down which one is the right fit for you, we’re here to help direct you to your perfect online crypto casino.

Comparing the Best Bitcoin Casino Sites

Who should make use of a bitcoin casino?

There are plenty of different reasons someone would want to make use of a crypto gambling site. We’ll start with some of the most obvious. If you are someone that requires anonymity, for whatever reason – be that the logistics of accessing a betting site from your location or simply for privacy and security purposes – then a bitcoin casino is an obvious choice. Another reason is that you may simply want to make the most of the many excellent bitcoin casino products that are out there.

In fact, this is an important point that we want to bring up. When you look at the best bitcoin casino sites, they truly can stand up against the best casinos in the world. That brings us to our next point. Many of the benefits outlined above may convince you why you may want to opt for a cryptocurrency casino, but why choose a bitcoin casino specifically?

Why choose bitcoin over other crypto casino sites?

The reason to pick bitcoin is simple: there’s more choice when it comes to bitcoin casino sites that have this payment option compared to any other cryptocurrency. There’s no point beating about the bush, bitcoin is still by far the most widely available and popular crypto coin around, and still by some margin. More options means there’s more of a chance of you finding the betting site that is perfect for you, which is what we are all about.

Furthermore, because of the popularity of bitcoin, there’s a much greater chance that you will have some already, and in that case going with a bitcoin casino is pretty much a no-brainer. It’s also ideal for people who are fairly technologically minded. While we do think that bitcoin is generally much easier to deal with than most people expect – and you only need to know a little to be able to take advantage – it does help if you know your way around a computer to an extent, even if the learning curve is much smaller than most people likely believe.

Finally, it’s something for people who love good casinos, whether that be bitcoin slots, other crypto games, fantastic bitcoin casino bonuses or anything else. At the end of the day, the things that make the best bitcoin gambling sites so great are the same things which make any casino stand out above the rest.

Top 5 steps for a secure & fair crypto casino gambling experience

It’s ironic, considering that one of the key strengths of bitcoin is its security, that a lot of people are very skeptical about the security of bitcoin bitcoin betting sites sites. There’s no reason to be more skeptical of a cryptocurrency casino or betting site more than any other kind, especially one offering a crypto payment method as well established as bitcoin.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take steps to ensure you get a great gambling experience. We would recommend that you take these steps before signing up to any kind of gambling site, whether they be traditional payment methods, bitcoin or any other kind of crypto casino. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the five things we think are utterly vital to ensuring a secure and fair gambling experience.

Security checks

Naturally, the first step to ensuring a secure experience is to actually ensure that an operator passes all the necessary security checks. With some other site elements, such as their game variety or promotional offering, we would still be able to recommend them for a certain type of customer, even if it is flawed in other areas. However, with security checks, we will stand for nothing less than absolutely perfection in our recommendations of the best crypto casino sites.

This means we demand flawless encryption, games that are provably fair and random, and we will also be looking for licensing from credible commissions and organisations. The quality of that licensing, alongside things like a site’s reputation and their efforts to curb problem gamblers, are all indicative of their overall commitment to your safety.

All of this is tested to the most minute of detail so you can be sure that anything recommended here has passed our security checks in every single regard. We do not believe in compromising when it comes to security, and considering that’s what bitcoin casino sites are all about, we doubt they do either.

Game variety and quality – including software

This is something we have touched on in our previous section but we are going to go into more detail here, beginning with game variety. Like we said, a betting site doesn’t need to have absolutely everything in order to be the right pick for you. If you are, for instance, only interested in poker, then whether or not it has roulette would be of no consequence. However, more variety can only be a positive thing, because it appeals to more people and provides you with a greater selection of experiences.

When it comes to quality, we are, of course, talking about the games being fair and random and indeed that is our number one priority. That said, we consider this an absolute baseline for our consideration. For a site to get our recommendation, they need to be excellent in technical quality, creativity and value.

One way we check this is by checking out which software developers are being utilised, as many names remain hallmarks of respectability. For our highest recommendation and for what we would consider the best of the best bitcoin casino options out there, they will need to pass all our expectations of quality, variety and trustworthiness.

Crypto Casino Banking options

This may seem like a bit of a no brainer considering we are talking about bitcoin, which is a banking option, but the amount of different payment methods that are available, as well as the process of banking itself, is something that we take very seriously. Crypto casino sites offer their users an advantage here, as crypto coins like bitcoin often boast fast payouts compared to more traditional methods.

Of course, even when we are not reviewing bitcoin casino sites in particular, more payment options is still better (assuming they are trustworthy options) for the same reason that more game variety is better: it appeals to more people and has no negative effect on those who were already covered.

We also take into account the processing times, fees, and deposit and withdraw processes. Banking on betting sites can either be swift and straightforward or a headache-inducing nightmare, depending on who we are talking about. Naturally, the latter is unacceptable and, considering the amount of options that are out there, there’s no reason you should put up with any stress or hassle when it comes to your funds, no matter whether you’re utilising crypto gambling or more traditional methods.

Site quality

When we talk about site quality, we are actually referring to a few different things. First off, let’s start with what can be considered more subjective and that is the look of the site.

Naturally, we can’t tell you what looks good on a bitcoin casino, or any other kind of site for that matter. Some like colourful and fun aesthetics, others sleek and sophisticated, for instance – there’s no right or wrong answer. All we will judge is the quality of the design and leave the rest up to you. But that’s not where design ends.

There’s also the structure of the site itself: whether everything is logically put together and easy to find. If you’re dealing with a big betting site, this can be incredibly important. You also need to consider the site quality from a technical point of view: is everything working and is it working quickly? One big consideration here is the quality of the live experience and the mobile experience, both are tested by us before making any recommendations for the best bitcoin casino.

Customer service

Last but not least is customer service. Often people think of betting sites as being rather impersonal, or at least, they used to. The online experience has changed so much with live games (with real people spinning the wheel or folding the cards), design quality and outreach to make good betting sites – including the best bitcoin casinos – to feel more alive and more like a community.

The backbone of all of this is customer service, and you can include promotions as perhaps the ultimate example of this, giving people direct customer service in the form of bonuses, like bitcoin casino free spins, and cashback offers. This also includes the emails you receive about bonuses or indeed anything else that may be relevant to you.

Of course, when people think of customer service, they often think of the support available from real people to help them overcome issues or difficulties. The need for this service is never a knock on the operator. No matter how good a bitcoin casino is, people will encounter issues that need solving, or have things that they require additional information about. This is the direct line between the user and the casino, and there is nothing more important when it comes to the quality of this experience.

Editor’s recommendations – the best crypto casino operators

We’ve talked about the key things we check to ensure that your bitcoin casino experience is both safe and secure. However, this is just an overview of what we do – a checklist of the key things that an operator must pass in order to be considered one of the best bitcoin casino sites. There’s a great deal more to it than that.

Many reviewers base their opinion on a casino site on their reputation alone, and while that is important, there’s nothing like actually using the site yourself to give an honest and thorough representation for you, the reader. Don’t believe us?

Well, we’re going to break down 10 of our key tests and metrics in the next section, so you can see exactly how the bread is buttered. With our expert analysis, we can bring you the best editor recommendations, so you can trust that a bitcoin casino site lives up to standards before you even step through its virtual doors.

This is how our experts test bitcoin casino operators

Here, we’re going to take you through 10 of our tests that we perform on every bitcoin casino site that we review, whether they are bitcoin casinos in Canada, or anywhere else in the world. We feel this is absolutely vital not just to tick a few boxes, but to actually experience the site for ourselves, so we can tell you from first hand experience what being a player at that crypto casino is like.

1. Security and reliability

Every betting site we recommend must have customer security as priority, including the utilisation of encryption technology and a clear privacy policy. It should also be fully licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling commission.

The way we test security is to check for licenses, encryption policy, data policy and for any actions taken to ensure responsible gaming. These can be found either in terms and conditions or often at the bottom of the homepage. We also search for all the information we can find regarding the reputation of the bookmaker.

2. A fantastic game variety

Games and fun are the reason anyone signs up to a bitcoin casino – or any other betting site for that matter. We test to ensure that the sites we recommend have a good variety of titles from the best software developers.

Checking for game variety is really simple: we just head onto the site and see what’s an offer and have a spin or two ourselves in order to test out for quality. We also see what information we can find about the software developers that are used: the better the developer, the better the games.

3. An appealing site design

While the aesthetics of a site are subjective, we ensure that every crypto casino we review works seamlessly and quickly for a smooth and enjoyable betting experience. The only way to test that is to try out the site as much as possible and put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer. So that’s exactly what we do, heading onto every page and testing out everything we can and noting any signs of a slowdown of technical issues.

We also note how well everything is structured and how easily everything can be found and understood.

4. Generous crypto casino promotional offers

A good crypto casino bonus further sweetens the deal, so our experts review the promotional offering of each casino site and check their terms and conditions are fair to determine the most generous and best crypto casino.

5. Additional betting products

Many operators now branch out from their casino offering and complement this with a live casino, poker and sportsbook section of their site. This gives their customers more experiences, so gets a thumbs up from us. However, just having these additions is just one part of getting our recommendation. They also need to meet our dizzyingly high standards, so we’ll be putting all these additional products through their paces too.

6. The ability to bet at a bitcoin casino while on go with mobile

A lot of players now prefer to place their bets while on the go. We review whether a crypto casino offers mobile compatibility or a dedicated app to facilitate this. Naturally, in order to do this, we download the app or access the mobile version of the site and apply the same tests for things like site design and check for content variety, just like we would on the desktop.

7. Helpful customer service

We put the customer service to the test, checking when they are available to customers, how fast they respond and how reliable they are overall at resolving issues.

8. A variety of payment options

While our focus may be on bitcoin casino operators, we always view more payment methods as a positive. We also check to see if the processing times and fees are fair. These can usually be found during the banking process, as part of your payment options, although sometimes we need to check terms and conditions for additional information.

9. A good reputation from its customers

Ultimately, existing customers have the best insights into how a casino operates. Alongside our experts’ first-hand experience, we also review feedback from real users.

10. Awards and accolades

The best bitcoin casino sites have earned a number of awards and accolades from the industry, and this is a gold standard to showcase their exceptional quality. This isn’t generally too hard to find, as most bookmakers display them proudly. However, we also search just in case we are dealing with an especially modest operator.

Finding the right crypto casino operator for you

The world of online casino and betting sites is so vast, that there is no need for anyone to settle for anything less than the absolute best. The best bitcoin casino sites are no exception. In fact, a crypto casino with fast payouts, a wide selection of games, and an all-around fantastic online playing experience should not be the exception, it should be the rule.

Whether you are on the hunt for a brand new cryptocurrency casino or simply want to shop around to find a new operator you’d be happier with, at, we have all kinds of crypto trading fans covered. We make it so quick and simple to find exactly what you’re looking for with our operator comparison reviews. Our experts dive deep into every aspect that makes these crypto casino sites tick and report back to you objectively, so you have the clearest picture possible before hitting that ‘Sign up’ button.

Ultimate tip: discover your ideal bitcoin wallet

As we mentioned before, the bitcoin cryptocurrency is a little more complicated than some other traditional methods, however, it is still straightforward enough for a wide range of customers to utilise the benefits. The main thing you will need to do though is to choose the best bitcoin wallet for you.

This is where you store your crypto coins and regardless of which cryptocurrency you use – whether it’s bitcoin, litecoin or anything else – you will need to get a wallet. Cryptocurrency wallets are available online, through mobile apps and even via physical devices, with many different wallets coming highly recommended and offering exceptional security. Make sure you do a little bit of research for yourself, and check out our recommendations, so you’re best prepared to take advantage of the world of crypto casino and betting sites.

Our Conclusion on Crypto Casinos

BTC is one of the best and most popular cryptocurrencies available which is why most crypto casinos accept bitcoin. It has earned its reputation for a reason, offering players the benefits of fast payouts, anonymity and increased security. While some may initially find the concept of a crypto currency confusing, the process of mining and storing your crypto coin is actually more straightforward than you may realise, and the advantages of utilising this innovative payment method are more than worth the effort.

Casino sites are rapidly advancing, so it’s no surprise that they are now targeting cryptocurrency users, with bitcoin casino products and other crypto offerings. The competitive marketplace also ensures that the quality on offer at the best bitcoin casino sites rival any other operators. So, you can rest assured that you will truly be spoiled for choice. Plus, with our expert guidance and operator reviews, you can get valuable insights into how a site works before committing your time and funds to it.

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